In our Showroom and Design Gallery you will find a wide array of products on display. Our experienced staff is ready to assist you with any project ranging from a new door knob to a fully customized kitchen.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to start, looking for new ideas, or already have a plan, our showroom has something for you. Below you will find a list of some of the displays and services we offer.

    • Cabinetry
      • Kitchen, bath, and built-in cabinetry design service
      • Five cabinet lines on display. See details on our Cabinetry Page
    • Windows & Doors
      • Blueprint take offs for window and door quotes
      • Custom windows and doors designed
      • Eight window lines on display. For details visit our Windows Page
      • More then 10 door lines on display. For details visit our Doors Page
    • Decorative Hardware
      • Blueprint take offs for decorative hardware
      • Exterior and Interior door hardware displays
      • Cabinet hardware displays
      • Bath hardware displays
      • Eight hardware lines on display.


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